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CARL (Cognitive Applications Reseach Lab) is an independent student-run Research and Development Lab, started in SRM IST. CARL offers one a platform to enhance and nurture one's research acumen and development abilities.
By bridging the gap between students and academia, we not only make research easily accessible for everyone but also encourage students to write their own papers.

Research Papers

CORONA-19 NET: Transfer Learning Approach for Automatic Classification of Coronavirus Infections in Chest Radiographs

S Sharma, S Ghose, S Datta, C Malathy,
M Gayathri, M Prabhakaran

International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks
526 - 534, 2020

Randomized Fast No-Loss Expert System to play Tic Tac Toe like a Human.

Aditya Jyoti Paul

Cognitive Computation and Systems
IET Journal

Rethinking Generalization in American Sign Language Prediction for Edge Devices with Extremely Low Memory Footprint

Aditya Jyoti Paul, Puranjay Mohan,
Stuti Sehgal

International Conference on Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems
Under Review

Web Application Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

Shivam Pal

National Conference on Advances in Electrical, Electronics & Computer Engineering
Under Review


Galaxy Clock

Rishabh Abhani

Made as part of flutter clock challenge. This project was designed entirely using flutter and all the assets were created during time of competition.


Rishabh Abhani

A Hyper-Casual 2D Game for android. Features difficulty modes, customizations, leaederboards, and more.

Alternate Reality

Ramansh Sharma

A character level Recurrent Neural Network trained on a variety of datasets comprising of numerous history and literature research papers and essays. Generates new text in the style of the author.

Sneaking Animals

Rishabh Abhani et al.

A Casual Mobile Game featuring 25 Levels and Customizations. It also has Third-party plugins like Google AdMob, GameAnanlytics and more.


Kavyapriya R, Stuti Seghal et al.

"Breaking the barriers, Coming together as one!" Our website, Ally, will bring a global impact on people's lives by bridging the gap that causes people to experience inequality on a daily scale. It is a common platform to chat, connect and be educated about inequality that can impact millions of lives.

Meet the Team

Aditya Jyoti Paul

Team Lead

Google Explore ML Facilitator | Facebook AI Scholar | GCI Mentor @Tensorflow | Google Assistant Dev | Researcher | Developer

Smaranjit Ghose

Project Development Lead

A quick thinker who believes in a pragmatic approach towards life. Apart from being adept at computer vision technology , Smaranjit has a penchant for street food and boxing!

Arpita Mallick

Public Relations Lead

Free spirited and fiercely independent, Arpita is passionate about creating an impact on the society. She loves to interact and is a huge David Dobrik fan

Ehtesham Akhtar

Project development

Data Science enthusiast | web developer | singing | reading | error 4:04 sleep not found

Harsh Goel

Project Development

I am geeky enough to sit coding for hours, also a memer by hobby

Jitesh Jhawar

Project Development

Domain Leader (Project Development) Expert in Java and Python with a love for teaching and building new things.

Nachiketa Barve


Interested in coding and research,in the field of physics and space science. Hobbies include watching TV series and reading books.

Rishabh Abhani

Project Development

A simple tech enthusiast who loves to explore new things and listen to music whenever possible.

Shibin Shaji

Project Development

I am an IoT and embedded systems enthusiast who is always in search of problems which I can solve technically and make lifes better.

Shivam Pal

Machine Learning

"Just another data analytics enthusiast , likes anime and drawing will always be there to help"

Sulaksh Sharma

Public Relations

A great fan of anime, a gamer, like to listen billboard, always like to be cheerful.

Udit Sharma

Project Development

Experienced Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in ML. Skilled in Python, C++, NLP, Deep Learning & Computer Vision.

Ramansh Sharma


Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena, collaborating to predict illegal dumpsites around the world in partnership with the TrashOut NGO. Fascinated by the machinations of deep learning and neural networks.

Devangi Purkayastha


Besides being a machine learning aficionado and data science novice, I like web designing, running and yoga. I like to learn constantly, experimenting and delving into the depths of anything that ignites my curiosity.

Shubhangi Singh


Enthusiastic and goal-driven Cyber Security enthusiast with a zest for learning new things. Avid content writer and editor in conjunction with strong interpersonal skills. Equipped with excellent work ethics, I am a determined team player.

Stuti Sehgal


Ambitious, detail-oriented, and results-driven with works in Python, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Android Studio (Java). Avid content writer and editor with strong interpersonal skills, I am a team player.

Vipul Sharma

Senior Advisor

"A cloud technology enthusiast. Always find me there for your support."

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